r1 firmware v1.7 & sound bank v2.4

Wind Synthesizer R1 - Firmware V1.7 & Sound Bank V2.4

In preparation for the first batch of Wind Synthesizer R1 global version, here are some updates that come with the newly manufactured units:

  • Able to select language upon factory reset (and the first boot up).
  • While using user patch bank, octave and key of each patch becomes editable on R1.
  • New Breath MIDI message options (CC 11, after touch).
  • Brand new fingering modes: EVI+, Whistle+.
  • Upgrade to 20 slots of custom fingerings.
  • Re-arranged order of system patch bank.
  • Adjusted levels of volume.
  • Fixed keys sending out message while browsing menus in MIDI mode.

Those updates are part of the V1.7 firmware.


Some slight adjustments were also made with the Sound Bank (V2.4):

  • Soprano Sax - enhanced the high end clarity.
  • Guzheng - added tremolo as an articulation in Sound 1, which can be triggered by tonguing (like other sounds that have such mechanism).


Not all contents have been updated in the digital/printed user's manual.

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