r1 firmware v2.1 & sound bank v2.8

Wind Synthesizer R1 - Firmware V2.1 & Sound Bank V2.8

Here are some updates in Firmware V2.1:

  • Able to turn off "Breath Articulation".
  • Added legato feature in Advanced Settings. On by default. (It emulates "fade in" effect in transitions between notes, which may sound a bit delayed in breath response.)
  • Able to disable magic button.
  • Added "Off/Pitch Bend" option for pitch bend wheel, which disables its pitch up controls.
  • Deleted Display Sleep settings.
  • Fixed sync failure when setting up on JamKoo App.

If you're into Chinese ethnic instruments, our sound engineering team did some wonderful improvements in Sound Bank V2.8:

  • Suona - improved sound sampling and legato. Increased the volume.
  • Pipa - pitch correction with slight increase in volume.
  • Sheng - modified to a 5th and octave polyphony.
  • Banhu - fixed occasional missing notes.
  • 80s Gamer - added Sound 2, which disables legato.
  • Contrabass - pitch correction.

Not all contents have been updated in the digital/printed User's Manual. Please visit Support page for instructions to upgrade.

Rock on!

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