Sound Bank Upgrade Guide


Step 1. Update the Firmware

Connect R1 to JamKoo App through Bluetooth (from "Device" page of JamKoo, not system settings). Tap "Update - Update Firmware" to install the latest version of firmware.

You can check the firmware version of R1 in its "System - Version Info" menu.

Step 2. Initiate "Update Mode"

Power off R1. Connect R1 to your PC or Mac through data cable. Hold the power switch of R1 for 8 seconds until its screen shows "Update Mode".

Step 3. Update the Sound Bank

Use Chrome/Edge on your PC or Mac to visit the Sound Bank Upgrade Wizard.
A PC will require installation of a driver at its first upgrade. Follow the instructions on the page and click "Installed". Sometimes Chrome will not work on certain network, but Edge works.
As the page shows "Connected", click and select R1 from the list. The page will jump to the applicable step to your R1. Click "Update Sound Bank" to begin upgrading.
Keep your PC/Mac awake until completion of the upgrade. Reboot R1 to start using the new sound bank.
Again, you can check the sound bank version of R1 in its "System - Version Info" menu.

If the sound bank upgrade gets interrupted or fails, simply start over to fix it.


(February 2024)